The Snowman festival will take place.

Residents in Kuwajima and Shiramine make large and small snowmen, which can be seen throughout the whole town.
They are illuminated by candlelight in the evening, which makes you feel like you are in a world of fantasy.
You can also enjoy eating special delicacy of this district.

Place and Time Hakusan city Kuwajima
between 5p.m. and 7p.m.
Hakusan city Shiramine
Friday,2,February,2018,between 5p.m. and 7p.m.
inquiry  kankou@city.hakusan.lg.jp


Experience the Ceremonies & Rituals of Japan's ancient Shinto religion

Mt. Hakusan is one of the three sacred mountains of Japan.
The Shirayama Hime Jinja Shrine regards the mountain as sacred.
The shrine is the head shrine of over 3000 others which are spread all over Japan.
This shrine is dedicated to the Shirayama Hime Okami and is referred to as the god of marriage.

Kagura is a sacred ritual whereby young women wearing traditional garments dance to music and offer a prayer on behalf of the participants.
You can worship and feel your body cleansed from the spiritual energy of the shrine.

A guide leads you along the main route to the shrine.

Time Required One hour
Fee 2000 yen
Number of participants 5~40 people
Closed New year's Holiday
Place Shirayama-Hime Jinja shrine
Reservation information Please book 1 week in advance
E-mail: hakusan@urara-hakusanbito.com