Spring through Autumn


Imagine the view of Mt. Hakusan and the Tateyama Mountain Range from the sky, and the view below of the waters of Tedori River and the Japan Sea! Visitors can fly with an instructor of the Tandem Flight Course, which uses an extremely safe glider developed specifically to be used by two people. Regardless of physical strength, anybody from small children to older adults can enjoy a visit to the sky.

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Shishiku Kogen Paragliding School
Address 72 Yawata-machi, Hakusan City
Open 9:30am ~ 5:00pm
Closed Winter (December through March)
Fees One-day Course: ¥10,000
Tandem Flight Course: ¥10,000
Licensing Course: ¥10,000 for enrollment and ¥40,000 per year (course fee)
Access By car: 20-min ride south on Route 157 from Hakusan IC
By train: 10-min walk from Tsurugi Station (Hokuriku Railway Ishikawa Line)
Parking 20 vehicles
Tel 076-273-0658


Spring through Autumn


Tedori Canyon Road is a 19.6km bike route extending from Tsurugi Jyuhachigawara Park to Sena Roadside Station. There are many sightseeing spots along the route, including Bird Humming Torigoe, Lake Kobo, and Tedori Gorge. The view of Mt. Hakusan keeps changing as you ride through Canyon Road. As this bike route consists of long, gentle ups and downs, visitors can enjoy a relaxing bicycle trip at their own pace while enjoying the views.

Hakusan GO Rental Bicyles

A convenient bicycle rental service for riding around the town of Tsurugi or taking a relaxing bicycle trip on Tedori Canyon Road. (Adults only)

Rental Offices Hakusan City Tourism League
Address 4-Nu-85 Tsurugihon-machi, Hakusan City
Tel 076-259-5893

Rental Offices Shirayama-san Roadside Station
(Hakusan City Tourist Information Center)
Address 200 Wasadani-machi, Nomi City
Tel 076-273-4851

Rental Hours 9:00am-5:00pm (Desk open until 4:00pm) Open 7 days a week, even on national holidays!
Fees Regular Bicycle: ¥500 per day, Electric Bicycle: ¥800~ per day


Mt. Hakusan Hike

Along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tateyama, Mt. Hakusan is regarded as one of Japan's three sacred mountains. There are three peaks along the ridge: Gozenga-mine (2,702m), Ohnanji-mine (2,684m), and Kenga-mine (2,677m). It is said that people began to worship Mt. Hakusan in 717 when, for the first time, a monk from Echizen named Taicho climbed Mt. Hakusan and carried out ascetic practices. Hakusan Okumiya (literally "shrine at the back") is located on Gozenga-mine peak. The ridge and the surrounding area are covered with alpine plants, and the mountainsides are entirely covered by virgin forests of Japanese beech and other trees. Hike up Mt. Hakusan to fully enjoy its wonderful nature.

Check out the website below for details on hiking up Mt. Hakusan

Spring through Autumn

Experience the invigorating & solemn Misogi ritual and pray at the shrine sanctum

A tour guide will show you the tranquil scenes of Shirayama-Hime jinjya shrine , relaxing you in the natural and historical atmosphere. You can then experience the Misogi Shinto ritual (Misogi : performing your Purification Ritual Ablutions), purifying you both physically , spiritually and releasing you from your daily stress and giving you energy for the future.

Detailed Info.

The date Click here
Meeting point Shirayama-Hime jinjya shrine Omotesando carpark (in front of the shop called “Ohagiya”)
Time 13:10~15:45
Fee 4000 yen/per participant
For the Misogi ritual , the following additional fees apply
Men:White Fundoshi 1,500 yen
Ladies:White Kimono 7,000 yen (to buy) or 1,000 yen (to hire)
Number of participants 5~40 people
Booking Deadline Please book 1 week in advance
Schedule 13:10 The tour guide will guide you from the Ohagi shop.
13:45 Pray at the shrine sanctum
14:15 Classroom learning and instruction on the Misogi ritual
14:45 Misogi ritual experience~receive certificate of completion
15:45 end of tour
Booking・Inquiry Hakusan city tourism league
E-mail : hakusan@urara-hakusanbito.com
※Participants will have to sign a consent form stating they are in good health.


Skiing & Snowboarding

The two ski resorts in Hakusan City's mountain foot area bustle with visitors every winter. The resorts offer skiing and snowboarding classes, and their lodge restaurants serve delicious meals. Bus rides to the ski resorts are available for people who are uncomfortable driving on snowy roads.

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Hakusan Seymour Ski Resort

The most exciting ski slopes in Ishikawa! The resort awaits visitors with its wide variety of runs. The diverse types of slopes enable visitors to practice according to their ability and improve at their own pace!

Address Utsuo, Kawachi-machi, Hakusan City
Open Open from late December through March
Tel 076-273-0331
Access By car: 50-min ride south on Route 157 from Hakusan IC


Hakusan Ichirino-onsen Ski Resort

With the largest ski slope area and the largest number of gondolas/lifts in Ishikawa, Hakusan Ishirino-onsen Ski Resort has slopes for people with a wide range of abilities. These include three steep, advanced-level runs with non-compacted snow, and the intermediate-level Nodaira Slope.

Address Ri-63 Ozou, Hakusan City
Open Open from late December through March
Tel 076-256-7412
Access By car: 70-min ride south on Route 157 from Hakusan IC


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Experience the Ceremonies & Rituals of Japan's ancient Shinto religion

Mt. Hakusan is one of the three sacred mountains of Japan.
The Shirayama Hime Jinja Shrine regards the mountain as sacred. The shrine is the head shrine of over 3000 others which are spread all over Japan.
This shrine is dedicated to the Shirayama Hime Okami and is referred to as the god of marriage.

Kagura is a sacred ritual whereby young women wearing traditional garments dance to music and offer a prayer on behalf of the participants.
You can worship and feel your body cleansed from the spiritual energy of the shrine.

A guide leads you along the main route to the shrine.

Detailed Info.

Time Required One hour
Fee 2200 yen
Number of participants 5~40 people
Closed New year's Holiday
Place Shirayama-Hime Jinja shrine
Reservation information Please book 1 week in advance
E-mail: hakusan@urara-hakusanbito.com

all year round

Shirayama Pilgrimage Sugoroku Game QR Stamp Rally

Back in the 19th century, there was a sugoroku board game (similar to Snakes and Ladders) based on a pilgrimage in this region.
By visiting historic locations depicted on this old board game, visitors can win an exclusive Kaga-style dyed tenugui hand towel!

※See the flyer for more information.
QR Stamp Rally