Located next to Kanazawa City, the prefectural capital, Hakusan City is blessed with a lot of nature; it has mountains, rivers and the sea. These include Mt. Hakusan, one of Japan's three sacred mountains, Tedori River, the largest river in the prefecture, and the Sea of Japan. The whole city is designated as a Japanese Geopark. Thanks to Hakusan City's geographical setting, visitor's can enjoy delicious food from the mountains and the sea, and in particular, sake, rice and fermented food produced with underground water from Mt. Hakusan are well known for their quality. There are historical sites such as Shirayama Hime Jinja Shrine, the head shrine of 3,000 Hakusan shrines located all over Japan, and the Shiramine area, which is designated as a Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings, where you can learn about the history and traditions of the region. In addition, you can enjoy activities such as paragliding, cycling and skiing. There are distinctive regional festivals in each season. Whenever you visit, you can enjoy the attractions of the city.


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Hakusan City tourism League

  • TEL: 076-259-5893

Tourism Division, Culture and Tourism Department, Hakusn City Hall