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Shiramine Area

Shiramine Area Hakusan Kyoryu Park Shiramine (Hakusan Dinosaur Park) Hakusan Folk Village Museum at the Base of Mount Hakusan Climbing Mount Hakusan Murodo Minami Ryugabanba/Nanryusanso

  1. Hakusan Kyoryu Park Shiramine (Hakusan Dinosaur Park)
  2. Hakusan Folk Village Museum at the Base of Mount Hakusan
  3. Climbing Mount Hakusan
  4. Murodo
  5. Minami Ryugabanba/Nanryusanso
Hakusan Kyoryu Park Shiramine (Hakusan Dinosaur Park)
The unusual discovery that the village of Shiramine was once home to dinosaurs was uncovered when a junior high school student found the first fossil here in 1982. Subsequent local discoveries as well as other fossils from around the world are on display in this small museum. The "kyoru-kan" houses a model Tyrannosaurus and skeletal model of a Diplodocus. Outside is a "fossil discovering zone" , where for 200 yen you can extract your own fossils, and picnic area with a perfect view of the surrounding countryside and mountains. Hakusan Kyoryu Park Shiramine (Hakusan Dinosaur Park)
*4-99-1 Kuwajima, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-259-2724 *9:00-16:30 *open/April-November *closed/Thursdays *adult・high school/800yen U16/400yen
Hakusan Folk Village Museum at the Base of Mount Hakusan
A walk through this museum, at the foot of Hakusan National Park, will give you a real feel for the how agricultural townsfolk used to live and work in the mountains. There are 6 old houses, moved in perfect condition from their original sites to the museum grounds, along with 12,000 artifacts. The opportunity to see such houses in Japan is extremely rare, and here you are able to walk freely through the rooms, giving you a chance to see a part of the "Real Japan".
On account of having one of the largest accumulations of snow in Japan, the museum is closed during the winter.
Hakusan Folk Village Museum at the Base of Mount Hakusan
*Ri30 Shiramine, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-259-2665 *9:00-16:00 *closed/Thursdays *adult/250yen
Climbing Mount Hakusan
Taking at most about four to five hours for the assent and two to three for the descent, Mt. Hakusan can either be climbed as a day trip or with an overnight stopover at the summit to see the sunrise. Climbing season is from 1st July to 15th October, with the end of July to the start of August being "peak season", when many rare mountain flowers such as "kuro-yuri" (black lily) are in bloom, the weather is best, and there is a high possibility of seeing a clear sunrise. Various routes catering to all levels are available, and are clearly marked out and easy to follow requiring almost no orienteering. Complimentary route maps and information are available from Ichinose visitor center at the base of the mountain. The bus service from Kanazawa stops here, and free parking is available. From here a regular bus service takes you to the recommended starting point, "Bettou-Deai" to climb the remaining 1,442m to 2,702m. Climbing Mount Hakusan
Located at 2,450m, the Murodo Lodge is only a short walk from the summit of Mount Hakusan where you can pay your respects at the sacred Okugu Shrine. Those who stay over night will have to wake up extremely early to see the sunrise but for those who are lucky enough to have clear weather it is a beautiful experience, well worth the effort. On days with a probability of this experience the shrine "Guuji" will sound a taiko drum, and start the walk up to the summit. Those who stay overnight will also have time to tour the summit. Taking around an hour, this course includes mountain flowers, lakes, and all-year snow.
Murodo : overnight stay (with 2 meals) : (Reservation required)
*Shiramine, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-273-1001 *open/early July~mid-October
Minami Ryugabanba / Nanryusanso
This is another option for those planning an overnight trip to Mt. Hakusan, located further from the summit at 2,080m. Camping is also available.
*Shiramine, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-259-2121 *open/early July~mid-September