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Oguchi-Chugu Area

Oguchi-Chugu Area Oguchi Mint Reino Herb Village Bunao Mountain Observation Center Hakusan Super Rindo Mountain Road

  1. Mint Reino Herb Village
  2. Bunao Mountain Observation Center
  3. Hakusan Super Rindo Mountain Road
Mint Reino Herb Village
This herb village boasts a large herb garden, with over 250 varieties of herbs, and Mint Reino, a large wooden lodge with a herbal goods shop, and a restaurant which as well as having a selection of freshly prepared and reasonably priced lunches, is also acclaimed for its desserts, cookies and herb teas, all of which are homemade. From mid-June to early July you can pick fresh lavender. Mint Reino Herb Village
*Kou58 Onabara, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-256-7660 *9:30-17:30 *open/April-November *closed/Wednesdays *garden admission adult・high school/300yen U16/150yen
Bunao Mountain Observation Center
This observation center, near Mt.Bunao, is equipped with telescopes and binoculars through which "Nihon-Kamoshika" (Japanese Antelope) and "Nihonzaru" (Japanese monkeys) can be observed. Bunao Mountain Observation Center
*Ozo, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-256-7250 *10:00-16:00 *open/late November-early May
Hakusan Super Rindo Mountain Road
Starting in Hakusan Chugu onsen, in the Yoshinodani area, and running for 33.3km, all the way to Shirakawa Village in Gifu prefecture, this specially designed "toll sightseeing road" is a driving course boasting many spots of scenic beauty, such as "Ubaga-Taki" (selected as one of Japan’s 100 best waterfalls), allowing magnificent views of the scenery surrounding Mt. Hakusan. Hakusan Super Rindo Mountain Road
*Chugu, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-256-7341 *June ~ August : 7:00~18:00 September ~ November : 8:00~17:00 *open/early June~mid-November *Expressway & A toll road, A middle car 3,150yen