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Tsurugi Area

Tsurugi Area Fureai Konchu-Kan (Ishikawa Insect Museum) Jumoku Kouen (Ishikawa Woodland Park) Park Shishiku Sky shishiku

  1. Sky Shishiku
  2. Park Shishiku
  3. Jumoku Kouen (Ishikawa-Ken Forest Experiment Station)
  4. Fureai Konchu-Kan (Ishikawa Insect Museum)
Sky Shishiku
At 650m, a gondola ride to the top of Sky Shishiku gives breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside from Kanazawa all the way to the Sea of Japan, and from spring to autumn paragliders can be seen taking off. Facilities in the park include an adventure playground, campsite, and BBQ rental. For those who wish to relax there is a coffee shop and restaurant popular for its bread, or a tour of the park by electric car or foot, whilst for those who want something more upbeat, there is grass snowboarding, or maybe even the experience of a paragliding in tandem with a trained instructor. Sky Shishiku
*Ri110 Yahata-machi, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-272-0600 *9:30-17:00 *Closed in the case of strong wind *gondola/adult・high school/1,500yen U16/800yen
Park Shishiku
The unique design of the park and gardens set against the scenic backdrop of the mountains leading up to Sky Shishiku makes this one spot you should not miss whilst in Hakusan City. The soba and pizza restaurants on both sides of the central building are well known for their freshly prepared food, and BBQ set rental and picnic tables are also available. A 2-minute walk from the central building will take you to the "Tsukurimono no Yakata" where the four enormous handmade floats pulled through the streets of Tsurugi for the Hourai festival in October are on display.
The central building, "Shishiku World kan", houses an interesting collection of lion dance costumes and masks (Shishigashira). The collection includes a male and female hand carved set measuring 3.8 meters from ear to ear, and weighing 2 tons, making them the largest shishigashira in the world. From the first floor a cable car ride will take you up to Sky Shishiku. Trekking to Sky Shishiku is also possible from here, taking approximately an hour 30 minutes.
Park Shishiku
*Ri110 Yahata-machi, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-273-8449 *10:00-17:00
Jumoku Kouen ( Ishikawa-Ken Forest Experiment Station )
A 15-minute walk from Park Shishiku, continuing along the path which leads from the "Shishiku World kan" to the "Tsukurimono no Yakata", will take you to this enormous park. With grassy picnic areas, plenty of open recreational space, a stream running through a woodland area, a Japanese garden and a small woodland museum, this is the perfect place for a picnic, games, or a relaxing day out. With about a thousand sakura (cherry trees), it is particularly popular spot for hanami (flower viewing) during the blossom. Jumoku Kouen ( Ishikawa-Ken Forest Experiment Station )
*Ho1 Sannomiya-machi, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *8:30-17:00 *TEL076-272-0673
Fureai Konchu-Kan (Ishikawa Insect Museum)
Not far from Park Shishiku, insects from all over the world are displayed in this museum. Filled with hundreds of butterflies, a walk through the central greenhouse is a truly magical experience, and for those with a little courage, the stag beetle touch and feel room, open from mid-July to mid-August, is well worth a visit! Fureai Konchu-Kan (Ishikawa Insect Museum)
*13 Yahata-machi, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa-Pref. *TEL076-272-3417 *9:30-16:30 *closed/Tuesdays, yearend & Newyear *adult/400yen high school・U16/200yen