Mayoral Message 7th April 2020

ページ番号1003230  更新日 2022年2月8日


Hello everyone. Recently there have been a rapid increase in outbreaks of the COVID-19 Virus throughout the country and today on the 7th of April, the government has declared a state of emergency in 7 prefectures across the nation. As you may be aware, there has been an increase of outbreaks here in Ishikawa Prefecture, and cases have also been confirmed here in Hakusan City, including cases where the infection route is unknown.

With the situation becoming so severe, I would like to once again ask for the cooperation of the citizens to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Firstly, I would like you to strongly endeavor to avoid any situations where the “Three Cs” which are “Closed spaces”, “Crowded places” and “Close-contact settings” overlap. It is said that badly ventilated spaces, crowded areas and talking in close proximity increase the possibility of infection. Regarding the holding of conferences and events, I would like to strongly urge restraint or postponement unless of utmost need across all sectors. Furthermore, I ask you to continue restraining from unnecessarily leaving your homes and thoroughly practice regular hand washing and safe coughing etiquette.

Finally, elementary and junior high schools in Hakusan City will be closed from 8th April (Wed) until 6th May (Wed). During this difficult time, we may cause hardship and concern for the citizens of our city, however, please understand that everything we are doing, we are doing to protect the lives of our citizens. Under a thorough system, Hakusan City will diligently work on infection prevention measures.

The continuous efforts of each individual citizen to prevent the spread of the infection is the most important factor in protecting those around us. This means protecting those who are precious to us as well as the society we live in. I humbly ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.




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