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コロンビア市からのレポート・パート2 Report from Columbia, USA

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 “The New Life Style in Columbia”





▶ Eating outside 外食

大きな変化の一つは外食の仕方です。店内で食事をすることができなかったので、お店側は「カーブサイド・ピックアップ(curbside pickup)」を提供し始めました。まず、注文から決済までをネット上で済ませます。その後、店の前のカーブサイド(舗道の縁石側)に駐車し、到着したことを店側に電話で伝えれば、店員が商品を車まで運びトランクに入れてくれます。接触は一切ありません。店内での食事は6月1日から再開されましたが、我々のような高齢者はこのカーブサイド・ピックアップを利用し続けた方がいいと思います。

▶ Home-made masks 手作りマスク


▶ Sign in Cosmo City Park コスモポリタン公園の看板




We are pleased to be asked to write something about life in Columbia
during Covid-19.
We hope all in Hakusan are well and adjusting to new ways to manage
with what we call social distancing.
Americans are learning not to hug or shake hands, to stand 6 feet apart
 and to wear masks.

Living in Columbia, Missouri during Covid-19 is much safer than living
in a major city in the United States. Here we have plenty of hospital beds
and many great doctors. Our lives have changed but not as much as if we
lived in a place like New York City.

The hardest for us as retired Americans is staying home.
Our plans for several trips had to be cancelled.
Big events like sporting events, theatre performances and movies
have been canceled. Shopping was restricted to essential shopping
like buying groceries.

During the restricted shelter-at-home many stores scheduled special time
for people older than 65 to shop when there were less people in the store.
The restrictions have been lifted now.
Because the University of Missouri is closed until August some restaurants
and shops have gone out of business. The University is planning to play football
 in the Fall but with less people in the stadium.
No one is sure how that is going to work.

▶ Eating outside
One big change is how we go out to eat.
Since restaurants could not serve food inside, they offered curbside pickup.
We could order food online, pay online. To pick it up, we parked in a parking
place at the restaurant marked for curbside pickup. When we arrived at the
restaurant, we called the restaurant to let them know we arrived.
A waiter brought our food order to the car and put it in the trunk.
There is no contact.
Starting June 1 restaurants could open for dining-in but as senior citizens,
we think it is best to continue to use curbside pickup.

▶ Home-made masks
Americans are learning to wear masks. We have made several using scraps
of fabric and old t-shirts. Buying them has been hard because they are
in short supply. About half of the people we see are wearing masks now.
Some businesses require everyone to use a mask but others do not.
It has become a political issue here.

▶ Sign in Cosmo City Park
Columbia has many wonderful parks. Since recreation outside is safe,
many Columbians walk in their neighborhoods or on one the many trails
in the parks.
On one of our walks we visited Cosmo Park where the cherry trees
that Columbia received from Hakusan are planted.

Since our public schools closed in March, it has been to see families
enjoying our parks although slides and swings have been closed.
Sometimes we get curbside pickup food and have a picnic in the park
with friends who bring their own food and sit 6 feet away.

We hope all are well in Hakusan. It was our pleasure to visit the city
in September 2019. We loved seeing what a wonderful place our sister city is.
We hope you all are safe.




リポーター紹介 Reporter Introduction 
ヘレン・アトキンソン 夫妻 

アトキンソン夫妻は、白山市菅波町にお住まいの高崎正志さん夫妻と、息子さん同士がホームステイ交流学生(exchange students)であったことから、ホストファミリーであった保護者同士の交流が始まりました。その後、お互いに行き来しあう仲となり、25年間の親交があります。

Pat and Helen Atkinson

Pat and Helen Atkinson`s son participated in the student exchange program between our cities along with the son of Mr. and Mrs. Takasaki who live in Suganami-machi. The exchange their sons participated in was the initial connection, but as equal home stay families began to bond and after visiting each other multiple times, have cultivated a strong international friendship that has continued for 25 years.



The photo was taken when the Atkinson`s visited the Takasaki`s in September of 2019.